*Grey Wolf Midstream Update*

Grey Wolf Midstream is a subsidiary of Missouri River Resources and a state chartered limited liability company.  Both Grey Wolf Midstream and Missouri River Resources are wholly owned by the MHA Nation.  David Williams is listed as the registered agent for Grey Wolf Midstream since state law requires an individual be listed as the registered agent.  The only role for the registered agent is to receive service of process, such as subpoenas and summons, and official notices.  David Williams is not the owner or a shareholder in Grey Wolf Midstream.  The company is wholly owned by the Tribe.

Our Mission

Missouri River Resources is a Tribally-chartered energy company, dedicated to developing oil and gas resources for the benefit of the Three Affiliated Tribes membership, committed to superior financial and professional performance, promoting environmental awareness and adhering to cultural and traditional values.


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MRR is comprised of tribal members and industry experts. 

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